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Arcegen offers three essential antibody development technologies alongside nanobody and fully human natural antibody libraries to expedite drug development. Our most recent innovation, the high-throughput single B cell screening platform, promises revolutionary breakthroughs in antibody discovery for innovative drugs, diagnostic detection, engineering modifications, and beyond.

While existing antibody technologies like hybridoma and phage/yeast display have their limitations, such as prolonged preparation times, low fusion efficiency, and unsuitability for challenging targets, Arcegen has a breakthrough solution. 

Challenge 1: Lengthy discovery cycles.

Solution: With Arcegen antibody platform, the entire antibody discovery process can be completed in as short as 1.5 months.

Challenge 2: Low screening efficiency.

Solution: Screen more than 14,000 cells simultaneously, ensuring monoclonal cell lines with a success rate exceeding 99% in just one week.

We employ light guide chip microcavities to cultivate and manage single B cells. Antibody expression, antigen binding, and functional testing occur directly on the chip, shortening the antibody discovery timeline from 4-6 months to a mere 1.5 months. Our platform caters to multiple species, including mouse, rabbits, chickens and Alpaca.

Our Advantages:

Seasoned R&D team with decades of project expertise. Efficient and professional technical support for seamless project management. Customized technical solutions tailored to your unique application requirements. 

The Antibody Discovery using High-Throughput Single B Cell Photoconductor System:

Case study

The high-throughput single B cell light guide system screened in excess of 100 RBD antibodies, and the recombinantly produced RBD antibodies effectively inhibited the interaction between RBD and cells that overexpressed its ACE2 receptor protein. In the BLI affinity determination experiment, over 50% of the antibodies demonstrated equilibrium dissociation constants (KD) equivalent to those of the control antibodies, reaching a level of 10^-10M.

Blocking activity assay

Affinity determination


Other Service Offerings:

Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody (Cycle: 3-4 months)

Short cycle, cost-effective solution. High affinity for low-expression target proteins. Ideal for denatured proteins.

Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (Cycle: 5-6 months)

Mature technology with consistent, stable results. Exceptional specificity and repeatability. Suitable for large-scale production.

Development of Chicken-derived Polyclonal/Monoclonal Antibodies

High Immunogenicity: Chickens exhibit heightened immunogenic responses to most mammalian proteins compared to other mammals, resulting in antibodies with enhanced affinity.

Exceptional Specificity: In contrast to mammalian IgG, chicken IgY demonstrates reduced cross-reactivity with mammalian proteins, ensuring heightened specificity.

Robust Resistance to Enzymatic Breakdown: Chicken IgY antibodies possess robust resistance to heat, acidity, ionic strength, and enzymatic hydrolysis, making them ideal candidates for diagnostic kits in the development of preventive and therapeutic drugs.

Alpaca Antibody

VHH antibodies represent a highly promising advancement in therapeutic antibody technology for applications like cancerimmunotherapy and beyond. They stand out from conventional antibody formats due to their distinctive characteristics, including their compact size, excellent solubility, inherent stability, adaptability into versatile constructs, the ability to recognize uncommon or concealed epitopes, affinity for binding to enzyme target cavities or active sites, rapid and straightforward drug discovery, and streamlined manufacturing processes.

Screening of Natural Nanobody Library and Fully Human Natural Antibody Library

Derived from Natural Origins: Rooted in a fully human antibody framework, the resulting antibody is inherently fully human, obviating the need for humanization.

Library of Vast Capacity, Exemplifying High Antibody Diversity: Leveraging genetic engineering, our library boasts a vast capacity in the hundreds of billions, exhibiting extensive diversity in antibody repertoire.

Wide Epitope Coverage by Accessible Antibodies: Following validation across numerous targets, we yield lead antibody molecules for each one, ensuring comprehensive coverage of various epitopes.

Antibody Affinity Maturation: Our lead molecules undergo affinity maturation, with a rigorous process involving 3-5 rounds of solid-phase or liquid-phase screening. This refinement yields high-affinity antibodies, with affinities reaching the nanomolar (nM) or picomolar (pM) range, guaranteeing superior binding strength.

Provision of Antibody Affinity Determination Services: We offer specialized antibody affinity determination services utilizing Biacore.

Arcegen High Activity Recombinant Protein Platform

Arcegen offers comprehensive services spanning from gene synthesis and vector construction to protein expression, purification, and rigorous quality assessment to support high specific antibody development.

Our robust research and development capabilities enable us to innovate and develop over 500 novel proteins annually, including viral proteins, cytokines, drug targets, enzymes, and more.

With proficiency in four major protein expression systems—prokaryotic cells, yeast cells, insect cells, and mammalian cells—we have established a complete protein expression technology platform.

We proudly introduce our exclusive high-activity recombinant protein research and development platform, primarily centered on protein structure analysis through advanced bioinformatics and computer simulations. This platform is tailored to each protein's specific structure and intended application. We meticulously select expression/purification tags, expression hosts, and other parameters to optimize the protein expression process. Our original protein expression methodology allows us to achieve clones with maximum expression levels and highly active proteins in the shortest timeframe, significantly enhancing the success rate and yield of protein expression.

Instruments of Arcegen Antibody Platform: 




Join us in reshaping the future of antibody discovery, accelerating drug development, and revolutionizing the healthcare landscape. Discover the transformative potential of Arcegen Platform today!

We also offer:

  • Antibody humanization
  • Cell line construction and process development
  • Maturation of antibody affinity
  • Assessment of antibody (monoclonal, bispecific) developability
  • Construction of immune libraries
  • Development and detection of antibody types (monoclonal, bispecific, ADC)
  • Transient and stable transfection of mammalian cells for protein production


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