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    ARCEGEN Inc. is a leading global provider of integrated life science products. Arcegen's product range covers a variety of products including cells, proteins, antigens, antibodies, and more, providing numerous tools for gene expression analysis, immunological detection, and cell analysis in life science research.

    Currently, Arcegen offers over 500 products, with its bestselling product lines including:

    1. Organoid Product Line: Offering matrix gels, universal culture matrices, various cancer-specific culture matrices, cytokines, and more, characterized by high activity, low endotoxin levels, high inter-batch consistency, and high purity. These products facilitate optimal organoid growth and ensure reproducible experimental results.

    2. Transfection Product Line: Providing reagents for plasmid DNA transfection, siRNA expression vectors, double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) transfection, RNA transfection, and more. Validated with over 190 cell lines including HEK293, CHO cells, HeLa, etc., these products achieve excellent transfection efficiency and reproducible results.

    3. Cell Analysis Product Line: Offering all products necessary for cell cycle analysis, including LDH cytotoxicity detection, AAD viability detection, Tunel apoptosis detection, etc. These products exhibit high sensitivity, good repeatability, accurate detection, and inter-batch stability, enabling effective monitoring of cell status and obtaining reliable experimental results.

    4. Animal Modeling Product Line: Providing various small molecule compounds for establishing animal models with excellent purity, stability, and biological activity. These compounds are suitable for establishing models of diseases such as enteritis, diabetes, etc., and have been extensively validated in the market.

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