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Arcegen has established three platform: Highly Specific Antibody Platform,  Recombintant Protein Platform and mRNA Vaccine and drug Platform aimed to providing reagent and technique services for life scienc and biopharma industry.

CleanRNA™ mRNA Synthesis

Integrated Production Process ensures the Quality of mRNA
  • Low dsRNA
  • Compresive Quality Control
  • ISO13485 Certified Facility

Virus-like particles (VLPs)

High immunogenicity transmembrane proteins for antibody and vaccine development.

Discover your Antibody on Chip

Monoclonal Antibody Platform: Pioneering the Future of Antibody Discovery
  • Shortening the antibody discovery time from 4-6 months to 1.5 months.
  • Screening more than 14,000 cells simultaneously, ensuring the generation of monoclonal cell lines with a success rate exceeding 99% in just one week.
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