CleanRNA™ mRNA Synthesis (Low dsRNA)

Top-notch mRNAs characterized by low dsRNA levels and exceptional integrity are indispensable for disease research utilizing mRNA tools and the advancement of RNA therapeutics.

Presently, mRNA synthesis offers numerous advantages, including mitigated risks of insertional mutagenesis, simplified cell-free manufacturing, and consistent performance irrespective of the cell cycle.

Our exclusive mRNA manufacturing process relies on T7 RNA Polymerase, enabling the production of high-quality mRNAs with remarkably low dsRNA content (approximately 1/100000), coupled with numerous customizable features.

A Comprehensive Solution for mRNA Production

Arcegen's mRNA production service simplifies your process from protein sequence to LNP delivery. Our expert team guarantees the excellence and expression effectiveness of your mRNA, offering a seamless, all-in-one solution.

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Why Us

Integrated Production Process ensures the Quality of CleanRNA™ mRNA (Low dsRNA)

  • Based on T7 RNA Polymerase (Low dsRNA)
  • High purity
  • Compresive Quality Control Ability
  • ISO13485 Certified Facility


1. What kind of T7 RNA polymerase do Arcegen use?
2. Is there any difference between RUO and preclinical grade CleanRNA™ mRNA?

RUO-grade mRNA usually does not control dsRNA content. However, preclinical mRNA typically requires dsRNA control and has higher demands for integrity. Our service can provide mRNA with extremely low dsRNA content, reaching the level of clinical mRNA

3. Can Arcegen provide GMP-grade CleanRNA™ mRNA ?

We can provide cGMP mRNA through our cooperative company.

4. How does Arcegen purify mRNA?

Mostly, we use HPLC based purification for improving RNA purity in D-level room.

5. What's the integrity of CleanRNA™ mRNA?

90% - 95% (≈2000nts);About 80%(≈9000nts)

6. What's the dsRNA content of CleanRNA™ mRNA?

The dsRNA content of CleanRNA™ mRNA is about 0.02 ng/μg, while that of conventional mRNA after dsRNA removing is about 0.2 ng/μg.

7. What is the length limit of CleanRNA™ mRNA?

100bp to 20kb in length.
For RNA oligos shorter than 100bp, we offer chemical syntehsis.

8. What concentration is the CleanRNA™ mRNA?

1 mg/mL by default.

9. What buffer options does Arcegen provide for CleanRNA™ mRNA?

RNase-Free water is our default option. Please contact us for your specific requirement.

10. How to define the yields and purity of CleanRNA™ mRNA?

Yields by absorption at UV260 nm. Integrity by capillary electrophoresis

11. Does Arcegen offer modified bases?


12. What 5' cap does Arcegen offer? How is the capping efficiency of CleanRNA™ mRNA?

Cap1 with capping efficiency >90%

13. Does Arcegen provide Cap efficiency and PolyA tailing analysis service?

Yes, we use enzyme digestion /LC-MS method.

14. What's the default length of PolyA tail?

100 nts

15. Does Arcegen provide mRNA codon optimization?

Yes, we do.

16. Can l use my own UTRs?


17. Can I use my plasmids for CleanRNA™ mRNA production?

We only accept plasmids synthesized by Arcegen.

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